Become an Innovation Centre

In the past, the ITs influence had waned since the other internal departments gained more control of the budget, aiming to drive their agenda. This situation has changed very fast in the recent years. Now IT departments all over the world identify and seize every opportunity they get to transform themselves into an innovation centre.

So how can senior executives manage to see this transition become a reality? Here are some essential steps for reinventing IT and becoming an innovation centre:

Embrace Smaller Teams

The teams in the IT department need to be smaller to become more efficient. Most enterprises today have moved or are thinking of moving their processes and systems to the cloud reducing the need for bloated in-house IT teams. Once the operations are transferred to the cloud, fewer employees who remain will need to focus on improving their skills. This will enable them to think analytically, make smart decisions and understand how to use programming languages and new tools for business growth. The daily operations of the workers in the information technology department can be altered to serve the entire organisation.

Prioritise Collaboration around Data

As organisations consume more and more technologies, the role of the chief information officer changes to become the chief innovation officer. This individual, who leads the information technology teams, needs to work hand in hand with the Chief Data Officer (CDO) to come up with comprehensive data analytics strategies.

The CDO and CIO roles essentially become one. The chief invention office will be responsible for the organisation of the systems in the IT department to ensure best practices around governance, security, and contracts with information technology vendors. The CDO is then tasked with management, business insights, analytics, and data curation.

Empowering the Millennial Worker

Companies and Millennials are mostly challenged to find a balance between the traditional and upcoming collaboration technologies. The IT department gets the chance to empower this team of workers only by embracing change and the new collaboration methodologies.

An IT department that can manage to incorporate the innovation culture in its roles will be irreplaceable in their company. Senior executives should take the time to consider these steps so that their teams can be repositioned as agents of change and nurture an atmosphere of invention and creativity even with the young employees. Any senior executive who insists on maintaining the status quo will most likely be left behind in this competitive edge.

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