Top 10 Personalities You Hate to Find in an Office
We’ve all been there

While we can choose where to work, we can’t pick whom to work with. And although we all hope to have calm and friendly co-workers, the reality is that the office is littered with all kinds of annoying personality traits. Unfortunately, all we can do is minimise the effect that they have on us. But who are these Top 10 Personalities You Hate to Find in an Office and how should you deal with them?

1. The gossiper

Office gossip may sound juicy, but if they were talking about Bob the last time, they are probably talking about you today. Additionally, staying around gossipers for long may label you a busybody too. Be in good terms with the gossiper, but don’t get too comfortable. Never share any of your secrets with them. Talk general topics and feed them useless information.

2. The blamers

When put on the spot for something that they did, a blamer will always point the finger at someone else. They will shift the blame to others. Direct their attention to facts and away from the blame game.

3. Temperamental

The workplace will always have a highly emotional individual who will fly off the handle at the drop of a hat. Remain calm even as they get angry and keep interaction with them at the bare minimum.

4. Control freak

These people cannot resist the urge of being in control. They often prey on individuals with low self-esteem so that they can boss them around. Never let them take charge. Find a way not to recognise their authority without being confrontational. If they don’t feel in charge, they will move on to the next victim.

5. The victim

The universe has conspired against them and condemned them to failure while everybody else is having it easy. They will often attempt to blackmail you emotionally. Never fall into this trap. Also, don’t empower their victim mentality by offering them handouts.

6. The aggressive type

Working with people who often give 101 percent in the workplace can be quite intimidating. Being closer to them may draw attention to the fact that you don’t work as hard. Be content with how much you do and never try to compete with them.

7. Egomaniac

They have a narcissist personality and have a grander sense of entitlement. They don’t often consider other people’s feelings. They feed on people stroking their ego and crave for social approval. Just be polite without being fake to get the job done.

8. The arrogant type

There is always that guy who thinks they are better than everybody else. They will ever claim to know and do things better than everyone else. If you do something right, they will be quick to dismiss it as unimportant. Don’t hand over the power to them. If they find that they can get to you easily, they will do it more often. Try to keep a safe distance whenever possible.

9. Unreliable

Such workers will have no respect for deadlines and will usually be careless. They never give a hand to co-workers but expect to get help themselves. If their behaviour doesn’t affect your work, feel free to stay away. If the particular co-worker reports to you, mentor them and lead by example.

10. The leecher

The leecher will suck up to someone senior. They will say all the right things to appear wise and trustworthy. As soon as this person is away from his superiors and with the rest of his co-workers, they will let loose a barrage of obscenities. Let them lick boots if it doesn’t affect you. Never try to compete for attention with them, sooner or later they will get caught out.

In short

The first major step in learning how to deal with these Top 10 Personalities You Hate to Find in an Office is accepting them and acknowledging that they’re not going anywhere. After swallowing the bitter truth, learn to anticipate the effect or impact they may have on your work.

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