Project Management Trends 2018
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The project management field is experiencing a significant transformation as the result of variation in business practices, project requirements, and the expected results. The Project Management Office is scheduled to shift gear and focus more significantly on the people, project processes and available technologies needed to successfully execute projects rather than the projects themselves. It is no wonder then forward leading companies handling projects are focusing on the emerging project management trends that will help them in making projects succeed. This article takes a look at five trends project management professionals need to watch out for in 2018.

1. The increased need for social responsibility and accountability

Greater emphasis on accountability and social responsibility is one of the project management trends to watch out for in 2018. The most important thing among project management professionals is to make the project succeed. However, there is an increased pressure for companies to consider the social responsibility and accountability factor when executing projects or conducting business. Project management professionals running projects can no longer carry on with their projects in anonymity without considering these social and environmental factors. We are headed to an era where project management professionals will need to demonstrate far greater transparency and more social responsibility and accountability when it comes to project delivery.

2. There will be more emphasis on softer skills rather than project management certifications

Recruitment of project management personnel will experience more significant transformation. Far more focus will be put on project management staff having the required soft skills and robust communications in addition to technical skills. Project management will be centred on individuals with skills such as the ability to resolve conflicts, ability to handle ambiguity and ability to bring people together through diplomacy rather than candidates who are trying to keep up with the project management certification game. Since such soft skills are hard to find but easy to detect by any reputable hiring manager, people possessing them will be considered first in the hiring process.

3. Project management work will be distributed remotely

With advancing technology and more of artificial intelligence, project workforce will become more widely disbursed and mobile. There will be more need for remote project management tools and workforce.

4. Introduction of Machine and people collaboration for project success

The success of a project entails constant and continuous interaction and cooperation between the functional groups. With advancing technology, project management work is evolving daily hence will require collaboration between computer software and human workforce.

5. The network of teams will move to replace individual teams

The project management team will move to a more flatter hierarchy in the workforce where more of the team will have similar privileges. The introduction of a Network of Teams Model is one good example which will take advantage of the immense resources a company has to ensure projects succeed. The network of teams will be specialists who share the same goals and talent.

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