win the talent war
It sounds simple. But it isn’t

Creating a sustainable competitive advantage depends on attracting the right talent and keeping them. When CIOs are asked about the most significant barrier to success, most will say that talent management is their most significant concern. A lack of qualified personnel is recognised as the single biggest barrier to the ability to achieve organisational objectives and push their company to the next level, but finding the right talent does not mean what it used to.

Let’s dig a little deeper

This challenge is nothing new, but as technology continues to advance at a faster pace than ever before in history, the gap in skills widens. Talent management means more than reading resumes and finding those that have the highest degrees. Today’s IT professional needs to be innovative, self-starters, and have an entrepreneurial attitude to create the greatest value for the organisation. Top candidates have soft skills that go beyond just a university degree. Just because a person has a degree, does not mean that they will have their creative juices flowing.

Here’s the point

Many innovative products and services on the Internet have been developed by those without a formal degree. Education, even from a top university does not guarantee that the candidate will have the creativity that today’s organisations need to stay competitive. Finding talent that has the right mix of technical skills, formal education, broad experience, and soft skills requires a CIO that knows the industry inside and out.

So what’s the answer?

CIOs need to change their hiring criteria and develop new attitudes that will move their organisations forward. They need to use screening that goes beyond the necessary skills and knowledge required for the job.The old ways of doing things are becoming obsolete, and that means that an organisation that stubbornly refuses to change will continue to be a follower, rather than a genuinely game-changing leader within its industry.

The dynamic world of IT requires creative team members that are self-motivated and able to adapt to an ever-changing industry. CIOs need to adopt a new way of thinking about human capital and how to create an organisation that can rise to the top of the industry and stay there.

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