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What if the police could predict and prevent a crime before it takes place? Not so much a science fiction anymore, predictive policing is becoming standard practice in police forces across the world. There are already several software products in the market from companies such as IBM and PrePol that are very effective in targeted and real-time crime prediction.

Technology on the Front Line

Crime prevention is the basic tenet of efficient policing. Crime detection and punishment are the secondary goals. To these ends, the police make use of neighbourhood patrolling and close community relationships to gain intelligence about criminal activities.

Neighbourhood patrolling is the backbone of effective crime prevention. It is the best way to deter crime. With the limited resources available, it is imperative for the police to identify and patrol neighbourhood hotspots where crime is most likely to occur. In addition to intelligent policing, the police rely heavily on technology to identify these hotspots.

Crime Fighting with Big Data

The UK police have been using technology, since the 1990s, for crime mapping and analysis to determine patrolling hotspots. This technology uses recent and historical crime trends to indicate hotspots. Crime mapping and analysis have been notably effective in bringing down crime rates in the UK. However, this technology is still by nature, reactive. The predictive technology builds on existing techniques by incorporating big data analytics, which refers to finding patterns in trillions of bytes of loosely structured data created every day – from surveillance cameras, social networks, to purchase transactions and GPS signals, commonly referred to as Big Data.

Predictive policing involves finding emerging and future crime patterns by analysing this big data along with human behavioural patterns. While still in nascent stages of development, with a lot of room for improvement, predictive policing is the future of policing that has the potential to take crime prevention to a whole new level. The main benefit: An arrest made before it is too late for the victim.

White Paper on UK Policing and Big Data

The white paper contains examples of real-world implementations of predictive policing in the UK and around the world. It also talks about the current predictive policing technologies, how they work, along with the concerns and challenges involved. Here is a snapshot of what to expect from the paper:

– Police set up in England and Wales
– Technology and UK police (History)
– Big data and big data analytics
– Big data and predictive policing
– Predictive policing in the UK
– Predictive policing around the world
– Predictive policing technologies
– Predictive policing concerns
– The future

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